25 January 2019

Combine Your Comfort with Technology

As a result of professional and detailed studies, Byart Group produced the Bioclimatic Pergola system equipped with advanced technology. Bioclimatic Pergola system, which is adjusted to comfort according to weather conditions thanks to its movable and foldable aluminum solar shading panels, contributes to protect both nature and economy by providing energy saving.


While providing a style, aesthetics and warm appearance with the color options appropriate to the architecture, you can paint as you wish with RAL colors besides the standard colors. In addition, Byart Group's Bioclimatic Pergola systems illuminate your spaces from the inside when the solar panels are fully open, creating a comfortable, luxurious atmosphere. The remote control can adjust the light intensity according to the environment; With the LED technology with RGB, the environment can be colored as desired.


As in all areas, especially the needs used in living areas such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and villas differ with technological developments. Byart Group's Vertiglass can be closed with automatic glass systems. Moreover, Byart Group's Vertiglass automatic glass systems are tempered glass and are resistant to breakage and safe. Thus, open spaces can be easily converted into sheltered living areas and winter gardens.


Byart Group's Bioclimatic Pergola systems use the world-leading French Somfy motors. The motors used with RTS technology can be operated with a single touch via the remote control and can be matched to comfort.

When Byart Group's Bioclimatic Pergola works with advanced technology, hidden creeks on the surface of the panels rotating around its axis prevent dust or water accumulated on the product from entering in the opening position.

It provides high performance in all seasons thanks to heat and water insulation. Aluminum panels and stainless steel connection systems are resistant to harsh weather conditions and are of high quality.